happy girl kitchen co.

Happy Girl Kitchen Co.Happy Girl Kitchen Co., founded by Todd and Jordan Champagne, is dedicated to simple, delicious and farm driven foods. Founded on their sheer love of food, the company is committed to their working relationships with their local, organic community. 

The pair was first introduced to food preservation when they worked together on a farm in Norway. Now settled on California’s Central Coast, they’re sharing their hot-water canning techniques locally. From June through October, Todd and Jordan spend most of their time in the kitchen, creating pickles, jams and tomato sauces.

All of their products are made by hand and sold in reusable glass mason jars. All of the ingredients that Happy Girl Kitchen uses, and the kitchen itself, are certified organic. The fruits and vegetables in their products come from local farms, including the apple cider vinegar from Northern California apples.

Their products incorporate simple recipes and techniques that bring out the good life of the California central coast in each bite. It’s “a celebration of the simple life each time a jar is opened!”

The duo shares their passion for teaching others how to preserve fresh produce on their own, Todd and Jordan regularly offer workshops, held in San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Cruz, and Pacific Grove. The Happy Girl Kitchen flagship store, café, and micro cannery is located near Monterey in the town of Pacific Grove.

Don’t let the simple jars fool you, Happy Girl recipes are packed with flavor and a whole lotta sweetness!