The Olive Press

The Olive Press

Named one of the “10 Best Places to Buy EVOO in the World” by, The Olive Press has successfully turned a passion for oil into a thriving business. The Olive Press, now one of the most highly awarded California Olive Oil producers, was created in 1995 by Deborah Rogers and Ed Stolman, both California olive growers and producers who were inspired by the olive pressing facilities of Italy and Southern France.

Called a “trailblazer” and the “Olive Queen” of the California olive oil industry, Debora was mentored by an immigrant grandmother who taught her to garden and cook. Since those early days, she always knew her life would revolve around food and agriculture. "Truly!  Making olive oil is my passion.  I love every minute of it," said Debora in Sonoma Magazine.  

The Olive Press is dedicated to anything and everything having to do with olives and olive oil. From Olive Oil Times: “Best tasting bar — bar none — of their own fabulous oils, and a terrific staff. You can meet the person who made that olive oil and see the mill. The Olive Press is the original olive oil specialty shop in California and it is absolutely the best.”

The Olive Press olive oil has been recognized as the most award-winning olive oil in the United States, and the recipient of prestigious awards in Spain and Italy.

Whether you dip or drizzle – we highly recommend the Olive Queen’s products from The Olive Press!