I Am

I Am Fragrances

Ever thought a scent could transform your mood, mind and well being? It’s what Danica Siegel, creator and president of I Am, believes.

She’s reinventing personal fragrances with her innovative perfume collection and taking “I think, therefore I am” to a new level. Feeling naughty… or nice? Danica has a perfume for that!  

Danica combines the ancient art of aromatherapy with aromachology science, the study of a scent’s influence on a person’s feelings and behavior. This method of perfume and scent development allows her to offer customers a way to express their mood and individuality in a new way. The finished product is a set of unique fragrances, each with a statement about who you are and how you’re feeling!

“A great perfume is like a symphony for [the] senses,” says Danica, who fills each perfume with the power of positive thought. I Am was built on the idea that scent can and will affect your mood, sense of self, and outlook for the day. She suggests using scent as a tool for improving your overall good health and happiness.

Featured in publications including American Spa, InStyle and New Beauty, I Am is leaving its mark on the perfume industry. So go ahead, affirm your naughty, wild, blessed and good feelings with a spritz of I Am!