The team at Panevino, Food for Wine has a passion for creating products that celebrate wine and bread making down to a science. The company’s products are featured as part of the tasting experience among premier wineries, gourmet retailers and restaurants.

In 2006, Mimi Martin Katz and David Katz founded the company to address what they saw as a missing piece in the wine industry. With their years of fine dining experience, European training and academic and restaurant experience, Panevino, Food for Wine provides wine industry professionals with culinary expertise. They got their start supplying people and businesses in the wine industry, but it’s hard to keep something this good an insider secret!

Their heavenly Panevino No. 6 Grissini are handmade with the same time and care needed to bake a fresh loaf of artesian bread. Each batch of No. 6 Grissini dough is hand-fed into a stainless steel cutter, hand-laid and hand trimmed. Before baking, they’re misted twice with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with the finest sea salt. The flour and sea salt is sourced from the San Francisco Bay area and the olive oil comes from the California Olive Ranch. “Nothing could be simpler – and nothing could be more complex,” is how they explain the process. The final, freshly-baked product maintains its quality, texture, aroma and flavor for weeks, though it’s doubtful they’ll last that long once in hand!

All three of their Grissini flavors are available on our website: Original Sea Salt, Fiscalini Cheddar and Olive & Herbs. Their flavor and freshness just dares you to go back to any “other” breadstick.

If you live near the Napa Valley or are planning a trip to the area, signing up for a hands-on cooking class with David and staff an incredible addition to your stay. No matter where you are, be sure to get some of their incredible breadsticks, you and your guests will not be disappointed.