Spit Bucket

“Always thinking. Always drinking.” – just one motto that the founders of Spit Bucket live by. This St. Helena-based company is driven to create wine and cocktail accessories that will make you smile.

Jen Amis, Spit Bucket Co-Founder and Boss Lady, and Co-Founder and Head Creative business partner, Michael Roche, are young, inspiring and connected to wine. “We like to dream up simple solutions for like-minded folks who care as much about how things look as how they perform,” they explain. The company began as what the founders call a “Drink Tank,” a group of friends who got together every few months to think and drink. The product ideas and suggestions that came out of these meet ups developed the daring and delightful products that Spit Bucket sells today.

Spit Bucket founders also believe in eco-friendly sustainability, creating their coasters and wine stoppers with recycled materials that are durable enough to be reused and tossed in the dishwasher. Add colorful fun to the table with their vinostop peace-sign bottle stoppers and coasters that take a modern twist on wine tasting and cocktail sipping. Did we mention they also make great hostess gifts?

Preserve your wine and protect your tables with Spit Bucket’s vibrant, stylish and functional designs. Out with the old and stuffy – in with the peace, love, fun and style!